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Five Problems Real Estate Agents Encounter When Trying to Convert More Buyer Leads

Uncategorized May 20, 2021

Does any of this sound familiar working with buyers:

  • Driving all around for endless hours showing homes.
  • Showing homes you know the buyer won't like.
  • Answering calls/texts/emails at all hours.
  • Showing homes to not-so-serious buyers.
  • Feeling that the phrase "buyers are liars" is true.
  • Frustrated by indecisive buyers in a fast-paced market.
  • Working with buyers for months looking at all the "wrong" properties.
  • Showing 15, 25, or 35+ homes to one buyer before writing an offer.

I knew that life all too well when I first started in real estate. I started real estate as a full-time buyer’s agent, which meant my life was run by my clients. I dropped anything and everything when they wanted to go see a house. Heck, even when a lead came in I would drop everything to meet them! It was so exhausting and I started to hate the job. Even though I knew it’s not what I really wanted, I found myself dreaming of a “normal” job, with set hours and a set paycheck.


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When talking money, I care about one thing: NET INCOME!

Uncategorized Dec 29, 2020

Queens, let's talk money.

REAL money. The money that matters. NET INCOME.

Once upon a time, I fell for the idea that the agents and the big teams selling the most homes every month were also the ones making the most money. 

I also thought they were the ones that HAD the most money in the bank! It certainly looked that way, anyway - with their designer bags and new luxury SUVs.

I thought this until I became a "top producer" and was invited to a mastermind meeting with other top agents. I was excited because I still felt like a smaller agent in comparison to these agents.

I went into the mastermind so excited, thinking we'd talk about growing wealth, passive income and investing.

You guys, I was SHOCKED at what was talked about at this meeting.

A few topics I remember specifically: credit card debt, being years behind on taxes, fear around high overhead expenses, and major scarcity around money.

I remember one agent said, "If you're a Realtor and you DON'T have back taxes, you're...

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Top 5 Business Books All Real Estate Agents Should Read & WHY!

Uncategorized Oct 30, 2020

Hello, Queens!

Today I'm sharing the Top 5 Business Books that I believe all real estate agents should read and why.

My goal is to read one book per week, and admittedly sometimes this becomes one per every other week. 98% of the books I read are non-fiction, business related, mindset related, and always geared towards personal growth. I tell you this because I have gone through all the books, so you don't have to. ;) I have boiled it down to 5 books that are the MVP's!

Also, as a Realtor, I'm sure you have heard all of the recommendations about the MREA book (Millionaire Real Estate Agent) and Rich Dad, Poor Dad, etc. Yes, those are great books for real estate agents to read! Read them if you haven't. However, I wanted to go deeper than that!

So, these top 5 are not 100% real estate based (okay, one is..). They are business based and as you read them, you will see how you can apply them to your business. These are the books that shifted my business, thinking and the WAY I do...

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Five Reasons Why I Like Buyers Better Than Listings

Uncategorized Oct 28, 2020

You already know I LOVE working with buyerssomething so many agents dread. For good reason, I guess! Last week I was talking to three agents at different times and they all admitted to me that they have shown over 50 homes to at least one client (or more).

That. Is. A lot.

So I totally get why buyers are not the fave for most agents. But for this blog post, I’m listing down five reasons why I like buyers better than listings and this should convince you to change your mindset around it too! 

  1. The emotions are lighter.

Most of the time when you’re working with a buyer, it’s looking towards the future and the future is BRIGHT! The promise of a new future is EXCITING. Dreams are being MADE! With listings, you’re usually dealing with the pastthe closing of a chapter. Emotions tend to be high and much heavier. Even if you’re dealing with an investor or builder, there’s a lot of emotion with the money they have tied up in the...

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How To Take Responsibility For Your Results

Uncategorized Oct 21, 2020

Beliefs cause stress; not your business, other people, or situations. There’s what happened to you in your life and then there’s what you decided it meant.

Whenever I’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed, upset or any type of low vibe energy - I think about the quote from above.

WE DECIDE what it all means. Our beliefs often give meaning before we even notice.

When we step back and look at the situation, we can see how we’re choosing to give it meaning - and if that leads to positive or negative. Always always always always always be the cause in your life, not the effect. Take responsibility. In everything. 

Ask yourself:

  • Do you feel like negative things happen to you? That’s being in effect.
  • Do you feel like other people or situations are to blame for where you are or how you’re feeling? That’s being in effect.

When you live life at effect, not taking responsibility, you have no power. Take responsibility and take your power. If you...

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The Difference Between Working Harder vs Working Smarter + FREE Money-Making Activities eBook

Culture tells us “hustle hard” and truthfully, so many of us feel like we have to hustle hard in order to justify the money coming into us. The lie is telling us we have to stay busy to stay worthy. The truth is that you are worthy because you are. The truth is that our energy and beliefs make up 80% of our results and the strategy is just 20%.

There will always be actions to take that being your goal, ideal clients, desired income, etc. to you. They don’t have to be hard, they don’t have to include sacrifice and they don’t have to mean struggle. When we align with what we LIKE and do the work that we enjoythe results show up.

Take some time today to review what you’re doing in your business to get business right nowask yourself two things.

  1. Is this working?
  2. Do I enjoy this?

Review your results and decide should you keep it, delegate it or get rid of it?

How can you do more of what aligns?

Feel worthy because you are...

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Real Estate Terms I Do NOT Agree With

real estate terms Sep 24, 2020

I am very much willing to throw away these two real estate terms! Here’s why I don’t agree with them and the mindset shifts I have made to make sure I still thrive in the real estate industry even though I do not swear by on these terms.

Term #1: “List to Last!”

If you’ve been in the business for .3 seconds, I’m almost certain you’ve heard this saying. The real estate industry pushes this hard. Books, seminars, team leaders, brokers, podcastseveryone seems to throw this phrase around. 

Let’s break it down and question it. 

  • What does “list to last” mean?

When this phrase is used, it implies that you must get listings/have listings in order to make it, or “last”, in the real estate industry.

  • Why is this so commonly used?

Back before the internet (was there a time???), buyers would search for houses in newspapers/magazines and by driving around and seeing signs. If they didn’t already...

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Five Things I Learned From My First $50k Month

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2020

It’s been a year since I hit my first $50k month and oh what a journey it has been! I am all in for women empowerment and wanting for all of us to experience this too so here I am sharing the five things I have learned since then!

  • Making money can be easy if you let it. You get to choose.

The sentence "Making money can be easy if you let it" used to bug me too. I mean, how EASY can it really be?! So I know where you're coming from and you might be shaking your head if you think this is impossible.

Don't forget about the second sentence I added there: You get to choose. You get to choose if you're letting making money too difficult for you. Or if you want it as easy as possible.

Easy doesn't mean that you won't get problems. It just means you will surpass those problems with this winning mindset.

  • Making money does not have to be gradual. Be open and expectant to quantum leaps in your income.

If you limit what you're receiving, then there really will be a limit to it. If you...

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Alignment Zone - How to Create Greater Success Through Aligned Action

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2020

Hello, you gorgeous Queen!

Last week on the blog, I talked about how money loves a plan and money loves speed. If you want to go back and read that post you can click here.

I mentioned how money loves when you take swift aligned action. So, what does that really mean? 

Aligned Action is so much more than just taking action.

Action is when you're just taking action to take action. "Just Do It" as NIKE says - but, what is "it"?? If you're not listening to your intuition, you may start taking a bunch of action that you think would be the next step and that you think might bring you success and money. In the long run - this could work! Action is action, and it is important whether aligned or not. However, without aligned action, chances are you will be working a lot harder and for a longer period of time. This type of action will probably feel really hard and lead you to giving up or wanting to give up several times because it will seem like it may not be working.

Aligned Action...

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Money loves a plan. Money loves speed.

Uncategorized May 30, 2020

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Money loves a plan" or "Money loves speed"?

You may have heard this before and thought, "what the heck does that even mean?"

Let me tell you in a way that is easy to understand.

Part one: Money loves a plan.

Money loves to know where it's going. If money flows to you, are you prepared to receive it? If you're saying to yourself, "Yes, obviously I'd love to get a million dollars and I'm sure I'll have no problem spending it!" - Chances are,  you haven't actually prepared for it.

Let's pretend Leonardo Dicaprio (my personal fave - if you prefer Ryan Gosling, Beyonce, or someone else - sub in their name) decided he was going to stay with you. His assistant calls you up and says, "Hey, so we know you've been a fan for a long time and Leo will be in your town,  how would you like him to stay with you today?" 

Your initial reaction: "HOLY SH*%!! YESSS!!!!! THIS IS WHAT I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED!!"

Assistant: "Great, so do you have a place...

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