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The Difference Between Working Harder vs Working Smarter + FREE Money-Making Activities eBook

Culture tells us “hustle hard” and truthfully, so many of us feel like we have to hustle hard in order to justify the money coming into us. ⁣The lie is telling us we have to stay busy to stay worthy. ⁣The truth is that you are worthy because you are. ⁣The truth is that our energy and beliefs make up 80% of our results and the strategy is just 20%. ⁣

There will always be actions to take that being your goal, ideal clients, desired income, etc. to you. ⁣They don’t have to be hard, they don’t have to include sacrifice and they don’t have to mean struggle. ⁣When we align with what we LIKE and do the work that we enjoythe results show up. ⁣

Take some time today to review what you’re doing in your business to get business right nowask yourself two things. ⁣

  1. Is this working?⁣
  2. Do I enjoy this?⁣

Review your results and decide should you keep it, delegate it or get rid of it?⁣

How can you do more of what aligns?⁣

Feel worthy because you are worthy. ⁣Your worthiness has nothing to do with how hard your work does or doesn’t feel.

After asking yourself these two question here’s an in-depth way on how you can work smarter is by tracking your results.

Chances are, the majority of your business is coming from only 3-4 sources (activities). ⁣What if you started focusing on just those three activities more? ⁣

Focus on the money-making activitiesif it’s not a money-making activity, either delegate it or delete it from your to-do list!⁣ Once I started focusing on money-making activities onlymy business increased (read: more money 💵) and my hours worked went way down!⁣

So, take a look at what activities are making you the most money and focus on your main pillars. ⁣

If you’re new in business, choose three money-making (lead generating) activities that you think you’d enjoy most. I always recommend something that focuses on your sphere for one (ideally more!).⁣

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of ways to get leads for your business. Like anything, consistency is key. Give it at least three-six months before you switch activities.

If you’re having trouble thinking of money-making activities that DO NOT involve cold calling or door knocking then grab the FREE downloadable Sales Generating Playbook!


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