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Five Reasons Why I Like Buyers Better Than Listings

You already know I LOVE working with buyerssomething so many agents dread. ⁣For good reason, I guess! Last week I was talking to three agents at different times and they all admitted to me that they have shown over 50 homes to at least one client (or more).⁣

That. Is. A lot. ⁣

So I totally get why buyers are not the fave for most agents. ⁣But for this blog post, I’m listing down five reasons why I like buyers better than listings and this should convince you to change your mindset around it too! 

  1. The emotions are lighter. ⁣

Most of the time when you’re working with a buyer, it’s looking towards the future and the future is BRIGHT! The promise of a new future is EXCITING. Dreams are being MADE! With listings, you’re usually dealing with the pastthe closing of a chapter. Emotions tend to be high and much heavier. Even if you’re dealing with an investor or builder, there’s a lot of emotion with the money they have tied up in the house. ⁣

  1. More active & less waiting.

Of course, you can prospect for your listing, however, it’s going to be WAY easier to actively find the right house for your buyer than it is to find the right buyer for your listing.⁣ This doesn’t apply so much if you’re currently in the craziest seller's market ever (like most right now), but come a shift in the market you’ll know what I mean. 😉⁣

  1. Takes less time and is easily delegated.⁣

Now, this is one that most agents do not experience because they’re missing a major component. Working with buyers doesn’t have to take endless hours, months or years like some horror stories I have heard.

This year alone I have had 12 buyers write on the first home that I showed them! Writing offers in the car became the norm. And guess what? ⁣I never once ask them if they want to offer or tell them they should make an offer. I leave that all up to them, of course!⁣ Getting my average homes showed down from 15 to 4 has not only given me so much time freedom.

  1. Less can go wrong. ⁣

I know that I work with the best team of inspectors, lenders and so I know my deals will always go smoothly and stay on track. ⁣

As a listing agent, even as hard as you try to “vet” the buyer’s team of professionals, you don’t always get to be fully behind the scenes running the show like you do when you are working with buyers. ⁣Also, with listings, so many things in the house can go wrong which create a stressed out seller. Furnace goes out in the middle of winter, basement floods in spring, trees come down in a storm...I mean, the list goes on.

  1. Less focus on commission. ⁣

This one is for all the agents that hate the commission talkor give their commission away way too easily. ⁣ Since the buyer’s don’t have to pay the commission out of their pocket, there is never even a discussion about cutting the commission/how much you charge, etc.

Tell me: do you also prefer buyers better than listings? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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