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Design Your Dream Real Estate Career

Hello, hello, Queens! 👑

I want you to think about what your dream business looks like.

What would that look like to you? Like? How much money are you making? How are you getting the business that you're getting? What are your feelings? Thoughts? What's your schedule?

I mean, really, what would a dream business look like to you, your dream lifestyle?

If you've thought about this before, if this is something you're always thinking about because you're moving towards it... Amazing, you're able to bring this vision up right away.

If this is your first time thinking about this, you don't think about this, that often. You may just think, "I just want to have a good consistent business, I want to have the success. I want to have a good income. And you know, maybe I don't want it to be too stressful." But there's not a lot of clarity around.

I'm a big believer in having the business and the lifestyle that you dream about. 

The very first step is getting real with what you actually want.

Not what you think that you should want, not what you think other people want you to have or without why you think the real estate industry says it is successful. What do you want to have? What does that look like for you?

When I finally got real with myself of what I wanted, it seemed impossible at the time, but I got really clear on it. And anything else that is not this, I am not going to pursue. I am only pursuing the lifestyle, the dream real estate career that I want. 

For me that looked like having a lot of freedom, not having a lot of working hours, and being referral based: meaning my leads, my clients are coming to me. I am not having to chase after them. I'm literally attracting them. I am not having to overly pursue them. They are pursuing me. And I wanted to have an amazing income with all of those things combined.

I'm a projector in human design and if you know anything about human design, that means my energy type is pretty low. I like to conserve my energy. It's best if I "wait for the invitation", meaning as clients come to me and say hey, "I want to work with you." It is the dream way for me to do business. I feel best doing that. I don't feel overexerted and I feel so alive and driven by that feeling that clients asked me to work with me instead of the opposite way around.

In real estate, you know that the majority of real estate will teach you that you have to chase, you have to hustle. And maybe after you've been in the business for years, or if you have a huge marketing budget or something, maybe then clients will come to you. But otherwise, "it's a numbers game." It's all about, you know, reaching out to people and asking them for the referrals and all of these things, which didn't align with me at all.

I tried all of those things.

And the thing is, everything will work. If you work it, everything works with consistency.

But I just couldn't bring myself to be consistent with those ways of getting business, because they were so misaligned, and there was so much resistance there.

Maybe you felt this way too, like you love the business, you love real estate, you love helping people buy or sell homes, but the getting business portion, the lead generation portion is not aligning with you and you haven't yet found your dreamy way to start getting business without having a way that totally aligns with you lights you up something that you enjoy. And that would be sustainable to get business, it's going to be hard to get business, and then it's going to be hard to succeed in this career long term.

Now, if you do have some ways that you think, okay, yeah, I feel like I can do this, there's some things I can do to connect with my sphere that seem more aligned with you...But you're still feeling resistance...

The other part of that is the money mindset around things.

So maybe you are connecting with your sphere, because that feels really good to you. So you are getting business, but it still is not enough, maybe you're not getting enough business, it's not consistent enough. Or maybe you're getting business and you are not charging what you know you're worth and what you should be charging. And maybe you're giving discounts or commission cuts are your way of working. And so the income matching the work like it isn't adding up to be sustainable and feel like a dreamy business, dreamy lifestyle for you. Or maybe the leads are showing up, but for whatever reason, you're not closing them.

All of these scenarios that I'm mentioning, these are all symptoms of one main problem: your money mindset, your relationship with money, your thoughts around money, your worthiness around money.

When we work on these two things, when we work on our strategy, and when we work on our money mindset, things begin to happen, business begins to flow, and the lifestyle begins to form. And it all starts with getting really, really specific on what you actually want. 

Today, take time to journal about what would it look like to actually have the lifestyle and the dream career that I desire?

Right away, you're going to be faced with your beliefs around.. What does it take to make this type of income?
What does it take to get this type of business? So right away, you have to suspend your disbelief like you have to say, "Okay, if anything were possible, literally anything were possible. What would I want? What would my desires be? If it were all possible for me in the way that I want it to be possible in the timeframe that I want it to be possible? What does that look like?"

For a lot of you the idea of being a referral based business, having those leads come to you, and having a lot of freedom in your business is the dream.

Let me tell you why I absolutely love referrals and what that looks like and the money mindset piece around that, what it looks like on an average month for how many hours to put in, in order to receive consistent clients.

When I initially wrote down my desires, I wrote down that I wanted to travel 12 times a year, make six figures work 20 hours or less each week and be a referral based realtor to me because of my beliefs at the time and because of my experience at the time. That felt like dreaming so crazy. 

Now I'm at a point where I'm like, "Oh my gosh! I was dreaming small!" Because of where I am now. And because of my experience now.

So we're all going to deal with that, as you're writing out what your desires are, there may be some things that feel like crazy, big dreams to you, and just know that you will hit them. And you will be able to look back and say, Wow, that was like, not even that much.

I was able to create my dream career through building a referral based business because it was so aligned to how I wanted to do my business!

The money that you put into your marketing to create a referral based business is going to be significantly less than if you put a lot of money into your marketing or into cold leads, or buying online leads - those things are so expensive.

When you're taking just a portion of that money and putting it towards your sphere and your community, it goes so much farther.

We love referrals, because they are so dreamy as they come to you!! They are the ones pursuing you saying "hey, I want to work with you." 

We love referrals because they take so much less time in the way that you acquire them, but also in the way that you don't follow up as much, and they are ready to go.

We love referrals because they cost so much less than marketing for a cold lead. There's just something so fulfilling about building a business with the people that know like and trust you and watching how your reach is expanded who you're able to meet through the people that you already know. 

 Do you want to design your dream business as a thriving referral based real estate agent? 

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Together, we will nail down the strategy for you, give you the step by step and the accountability to complete it. Whether you have a lot of past clients or you don't have a lot of past clients yet, we will tailor this to you to your business.

Not only will we be just talking about the referral strategy and bringing in referrals, we are also going to talk about manifesting and your money mindset around your goal income and receiving those referrals.

By joining the Rich & Referred Membership, you will figure out what your specific money making activities are, create a plan, put it in place and begin to receive those referrals to become that referral based business while having the type of lifestyle that you desire.

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