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How To Take Responsibility For Your Results

Beliefs cause stress; not your business, other people, or situations. There’s what happened to you in your life and then there’s what you decided it meant.

Whenever I’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed, upset or any type of low vibe energy - I think about the quote from above.

WE DECIDE what it all means. ⁣Our beliefs often give meaning before we even notice.⁣

When we step back and look at the situation, we can see how we’re choosing to give it meaning - and if that leads to positive or negative. ⁣Always always always always always be the cause in your life, not the effect. ⁣Take responsibility. In everything. 

Ask yourself:

  • Do you feel like negative things happen to you?⁣ That’s being in effect.
  • Do you feel like other people or situations are to blame for where you are or how you’re feeling?⁣ That’s being in effect.

When you live life at effect, not taking responsibility, you have no power. ⁣Take responsibility and take your power. ⁣ If you don’t like it, change it. ⁣

If you’re feeling negative about your business, change the meaning you are attaching to certain scenarios. ⁣You are in charge. ⁣Stop giving other people and situations power over you. ⁣The only power they have is the power you willingly give up when you don’t take responsibility. ⁣Look at your life right now through the lens of “I give my life meaning, I decide what it means.” And pick some amazing meaning!!

Take on this mantra:⁣



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