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Real Estate Ladies: Let's get you to your next level. Become a Multi-Six Figure Agent with ease. Make the type of money that enables you to BE, DO  & HAVE everything that you desire!


Get ready to increase your income and find your freedom!


You are here for a reason, Queen!

This is the journey to your DREAM LIFE...and the best part is: It's not that far away!

My name is Bekkah, and I am here to teach you exactly how I went from $100 in my bank account to $100,000 in under 2 years - traveling the world and working 15 hours or less each week as an individual Real Estate Agent.ย 

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Find Your Freedom

Did you become an entrepreneur so that you could have more freedom.... BUT you're not finding it? 

I believe in making your dreams a reality, no matter your age or income. To me, freedom means travel - anywhere I want, anytime I want. I share with you the steps and tricks that I used to travel the world, even as a full time Realtor.

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Increase Your Income

First step to getting more money: feeling and believing that you deserve wealth and luxury.
If you're like me, the thought of this may make you feel bad or selfish. It's time to change this!
I'm going to show you how it's not only your right to have financial freedom, but it's also your moral responsibility for the sake of your family, future, and community.

Whether your income goal isย your first six figures or $1million - wealth and freedom come through more mind work and less busy work. It all starts with your mindset.

Your Commission Queen Crown Is Calling

Don't you think that you have lived long enough hoping for more in your life? Increase your income and find the freedom you have been longing for! Invest in yourself today, your future self will thank you. I promise!

I'm Ready for My Crown!

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