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Commission Queen: Manifesting in Real Estate

Commission Queen: Manifesting in Real Estate

Hosted by: Commission Queen

Commission Queen is for women real estate agents that are craving success and want to do things differently than what the industry tells you do (read: no more door-knocking, cold calling or endless working hours). We...

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46. Triple your closings in 2023 with RealtHER Society founder, Tara Krach

Big things are happening in 2023!! My biz bestie, Tara (Founder of Realther Society), and I are sooo excited for all the fun we have for you in 2023. We want this to truly be your most successful year yet, so we want...
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45. Finding the gold in real estate

Where do you feel like giving up in real estate? Could you be just about to reach the GOLD?! When you rate and review the podcast, screenshot your review and send it [email protected] or DM @CommissionQueen on...
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44. Wealth mindset

Does your business support your dream lifestyle? A big difference between someone with a wealth mindset is how they value their time. Listen to today's episode to see how to shift your mindset and real estate business...
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43. Money manifesting music

Want to know what's on the Money Manifesting Music playlist? Rate and review the podcast on itunes or wherever you listen, take a screenshot and email [email protected] or DM @commissionqueen on instagram and...
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42. Rich & Referred

Become the Rich & Referred Realtor! DM @commissionqueen on instagram or email [email protected]¬†for the pre-sale link to Rich & Referred!
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41. Tips for reconnecting with past clients

Haven't reached out to your past clients in a while and not sure how to approach it? Listen to this episode for tips on how to reconnect with past clients. Free training: How to make your first six figures in real...
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40. Get clients at open houses

You've never heard anyone talk about open houses like this before! If you're wanting to fill your pipeline and do activities that are closest to the clients - start with open houses.n Learn how to get clients asking...
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BONUS: How to get consistent closings

Bonus episode! This is a live masterclass - Consistent Closings: 3 Keys to Manifesting $25k+ Months in Real Estate! WATCH the training here. If you're ready to join Abundant Agent:The Money Vibes Program - enroll...
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39. Building a referral based business in real estate

As a Realtor, you know how important referrals are - but can you create a business that is referral based when you're newer in real estate or you don't have that big of a past client list or sphere? Listen to this...
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38. Hitting $25k+ months in real estate

Do you want consistent closings? How about hitting consistent $25k months in real estate? Get your free ticket to: Consistent Closings - 3 Keys to Manifesting $25k+ Months! Doors open to Abundant Agent: The Money...
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37. Be abundant in any market

Are you ready to become an ABUNDANT AGENT in any market? Let go of scarcity and lack in real estate by working on your money mindset and believing in your power to manifest your dream life. You determine your success...
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36. Getting in to luxury listings

Money mindset, luxury listings and becoming an abundant real estate agent!! Get instant access to free training: Consistent Closings.
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