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Commission Queen: Manifesting in Real Estate

Commission Queen: Manifesting in Real Estate

Hosted by: Commission Queen

Commission Queen is for women real estate agents that are craving success and want to do things differently than what the industry tells you do (read: no more door-knocking, cold calling or endless working hours). We...

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102. 1 Email Turned Into 5 Clients

How my Database to Deals student turned 1 email into 5 clients! Get Database to Deals: 10 Days to Deals
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101. Understanding Manifestation So You Can Manifest More

Understand manifestation so that you can manifest more! You'll love the example in this episode to more easily manifest. Join Commission Queen Collective  
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100. What I Would Do If I Had to Start Over

Happy 100th episode of the Manifesting In Real Estate Podcast!!!  Get One Week of Private Coaching *100th Episode Special* If I were a new agent starting from scratch, here's what I would do to start off my real...
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99. Manifesting Freedom In Real Estate

Listen to this episode for a real life example of manifesting freedom in your real estate business. Join Commission System
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98. Shiny Lead Strategy Syndrome

If you suffer from Shiny Lead Strategy Syndrome and feel like you're not getting anywhere because of it, listen to this episode as we talk about the cure! Join Commission System!
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97. Paying For Online Leads and Lead Sources

Should you pay or be paying for online real estate leads or paid lead sources/marketing? Free Ticket to Lead Multiplier Workshop
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96. Creating a Magnetic Year

Happy 2024! Have you chosen your word of the year? Listen to this episode to find out how it can create your year! Join Database to Deals: 10 Days to Turn Your Database from Dead to a Deal Making Machine
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95. Steal My New Year's Process and Manifest Your Desires in 2024

If you deal with New Year's anxiety, worrying about what will this year bring...better or worse than last year, listen to this episode to learn how to eliminate it! Steal my New Year's process to manifest your desires...
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94. Golden Rule Marketing - The #1 Way to Get More Clients With Marketing

There are a lot of approaches you could take to market your business in real estate. The best way to actually get clients from? Listen to this episode to learn about Golden Rule Marketing! Join Rich & Referred and...
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93. No One Is Going To Save You

What are your excuses costing you? Database to Deals: 10 Days to Turn Your Database From Dead Into A Deal & Dollar Making Machine Rich & Referred Membership
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92. How & Why I Started Flying First Class

How I went from flying the cheapest option possible to flying first class and why! Join Rich & Referred!
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91. Stop Being Salesy - The Anti Sales Method

If you're afraid to be salesy...or if you ARE salesy...listen to this episode to discover The Anti Sales Sales Methods! Get sales and be successful in real estate without being salesy.   Join Rich & Referred!
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