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Commission Queen: Manifesting in Real Estate

Commission Queen: Manifesting in Real Estate

Hosted by: Commission Queen

Commission Queen is for women real estate agents that are craving success and want to do things differently than what the industry tells you do (read: no more door-knocking, cold calling or endless working hours). We...

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21. Boundaries to stop burnout in real estate

Burnout is so prevalent in the real estate industry, which is heavily due to lack of boundaries. Create a lifestyle and business that you love with boundaries - that help you AND your clients!
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20. Make six figures even with zero closings in Q1

If your your real estate business isn't where you thought it would be at the end of Q1, listen to this episode! Bekkah shares how she had her first six figure year as a Realtor with ZERO closings in Q1. It's possible...
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19. Manifest more listings!

In this market, listings are the hot item. Listen to this episode to find out how to manifest and get more listings in your real estate business this year! Get your free ticket for the RealtHER Summit!!
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18. From successful Realtor to successful online business for Realtors ft. Tara Krach, RealtHER Summit

In this episode, you'll hear from RealtHER Society's Tara Krach. Tara Krach became a real estate agent in Charleston, South Carolina in 2018. She started cold calling and realized right away that she hated it, so she...
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17. Manifesting doesn't have to be like lead generating

Just like you don't have to lead generate daily in order to get results in your real estate business - you don't have to do manifesting activities daily in order to manifest your desires! Listen to this episode to...
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16. What to do when you're not getting business

We've probably all had those slow times where it feels like nothing we do is working. Listen to this episode to find out what to do when that happens. The Month of Manifesting BOOK is now available on Amazon! Get the...
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15. Should you join (or leave) a real estate team?

In this episode, we talk all about real estate teams! Should you join a real estate team? What should you look for in a real estate team? What should the team split be? If you're on a team, when is it time to get off...
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14. Tax tips for real estate agents

Tax season is here! Listen to this episode for tax saving tips as a real estate agent.
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13. How to manifest travel as a Realtor

This is a follow up episode to episode 11. If you haven't listened to ep 11 yet, be sure to listen to that one as well to learn how to travel more AND be a successful Realtor. In this episode, we talk about HOW to...
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12. Does choosing the right brokerage matter?

This episode is for both new or soon to be agents and agents that are thinking about making a brokerage switch. Get tips on how to choose the right brokerage and find out what matters!
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11. How to travel often AND be a successful Realtor

A Realtor that travels often sounds about as common as a mystical unicorn to the real estate industry. We've all heard someone says "Of course just when I go on a trip, business starts to happen." In this episode, we...
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10. Shifting Your Beliefs To Attract Better

We all have those negative situations that keep popping up in our lives. Listen to Bekkah share a personal story of shifting beliefs when it came to her airbnb guests and learn how to shift your beliefs to attract...
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