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Commission Queen: Manifesting in Real Estate

Commission Queen: Manifesting in Real Estate

Hosted by: Commission Queen

Commission Queen is for women real estate agents that are craving success and want to do things differently than what the industry tells you do (read: no more door-knocking, cold calling or endless working hours). We...

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13. How to manifest travel as a Realtor

This is a follow up episode to episode 11. If you haven't listened to ep 11 yet, be sure to listen to that one as well to learn how to travel more AND be a successful Realtor. In this episode, we talk about HOW to...
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12. Does choosing the right brokerage matter?

This episode is for both new or soon to be agents and agents that are thinking about making a brokerage switch. Get tips on how to choose the right brokerage and find out what matters!
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11. How to travel often AND be a successful Realtor

A Realtor that travels often sounds about as common as a mystical unicorn to the real estate industry. We've all heard someone says "Of course just when I go on a trip, business starts to happen." In this episode, we...
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10. Shifting Your Beliefs To Attract Better

We all have those negative situations that keep popping up in our lives. Listen to Bekkah share a personal story of shifting beliefs when it came to her airbnb guests and learn how to shift your beliefs to attract...
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09. Find More Joy in Your Life and Real Estate Business

What if you ran your business following what sparks joy for you (as Marie Kondo says)? What are you currently doing that isn't serving you or spending your time well? Listen to this episode!
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08. What are you no longer willing to tolerate in your real estate business?

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07. New Year's Ritual For Your Best Year

If you don't have a new year's ritual - to close out the past year and bring intention into your new year - listen to this episode! Year in Review Download  Sign Up for the Build It Like A Boss: 3 Days to 3x the...
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06. How to Stop Fear From Hurting Your Deals

Is worry, stress and fear hurting your deals? Find out in this episode how it can affect your deals and what you can do about it!
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05. One Showing Wonders - This is For You Buyer's Agents!

Are you a buyer's agent or work with a lot of buyers? Realtors and the real estate industry have a lot to say about working with buyers and how time consuming it can be. Listen to this episode to make working with...
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04. Automating Your Lead Generating for Passive Leads in Real Estate

In this episode, I introduce you to automating lead gen and getting passive leads in your real estate biz. If you hate door knocking, cold calling and all of the active hustling lead gen techniques to get business,...
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03. It Gets to Keep Getting Better in Your Real Estate biz

In this episode, Bekkah talks about how it gets to keep getting better in your real estate biz! To celebrate the launch, get 30% off of The Month of Manifesting course! Use code: CQPOD at checkout. Click the link: The...
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02. How to Manifest Your Dream House

In this episode, Bekkah shares the steps to manifesting your dream house. Are you searching for your dream house - or feeling like you'll literally take anything you can get in this market?! Listen to this episode on...
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