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The Difference Between Working Harder vs Working Smarter + FREE Money-Making Activities eBook

Culture tells us “hustle hard” and truthfully, so many of us feel like we have to hustle hard in order to justify the money coming into us. The lie is telling us we have to stay busy to stay worthy. The truth is that you are worthy because you are. The truth is that our energy and beliefs make up 80% of our results and the strategy is just 20%.

There will always be actions to take that being your goal, ideal clients, desired income, etc. to you. They don’t have to be hard, they don’t have to include sacrifice and they don’t have to mean struggle. When we align with what we LIKE and do the work that we enjoythe results show up.

Take some time today to review what you’re doing in your business to get business right nowask yourself two things.

  1. Is this working?
  2. Do I enjoy this?

Review your results and decide should you keep it, delegate it or get rid of it?

How can you do more of what aligns?

Feel worthy because you are...

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