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Money loves a plan. Money loves speed.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Money loves a plan" or "Money loves speed"?

You may have heard this before and thought, "what the heck does that even mean?"

Let me tell you in a way that is easy to understand.

Part one: Money loves a plan.

Money loves to know where it's going. If money flows to you, are you prepared to receive it? If you're saying to yourself, "Yes, obviously I'd love to get a million dollars and I'm sure I'll have no problem spending it!" - Chances are,  you haven't actually prepared for it.

Let's pretend Leonardo Dicaprio (my personal fave - if you prefer Ryan Gosling, Beyonce, or someone else - sub in their name) decided he was going to stay with you. His assistant calls you up and says, "Hey, so we know you've been a fan for a long time and Leo will be in your town,  how would you like him to stay with you today?" 

Your initial reaction: "HOLY SH*%!! YESSS!!!!! THIS IS WHAT I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED!!"

Assistant: "Great, so do you have a place for him stay? Activities planned?"

You: *without thinking* "YES!!"

So, that day Leo shows up at your house. You're so excited, but you weren't really prepared for him so all you have is the pull out couch for him and stale crackers for supper. He sticks around for a while to be nice, but he ends up telling you has plans with friends in the area and leaves.

Assistant calls: "I'm sorry, he likes his accommodations and activities planned out a little more than that. I think he's decided to stay in a hotel instead."

While this analogy is obviously just for fun - do you see how this relates to money? 

You're a fan of money. A BIG fan of money, whether you'd like to admit it or not - you think about it all the time, you desire it all the time, you dream about what life would be like if you had more of it. Sound familiar?

Money is used to the good life - it's used to knowing where to go, going to the finest places. Let's say you finally get your chance, you're getting more money coming into your life! Do you know what to do with it? Money wants to know the PLAN! Money LOVES the plan.

When money starts coming to you - with no plan - it's not going to stick around. It's going to go stay with someone that treats it right.

Moral of the story: Have a plan!!

Even if you have under $1,000 in your bank account right now or you're living paycheck to paycheck - start making a plan for more money. Start making a plan for your prosperity and abundance.

What amount of money are you desiring right now that you could feel really good about?

$100,000? $500,000? $1,000,000?

Break down how you would spend that money, how you would invest it, how you would be generous with that money. 

Treat it right! Be excited for it. Be prepared for it. Expect it.

It's waiting for your plan.

If you missed my last blog post about 5 Unique Ways I Journal to Get Results and Manifest My Dream Life - go back and read that now. In it, I share how one of my favorite journaling techniques is giving money a plan.

In 2019, I wrote down my goal to make $100,000 in 90 days in real estate even though it took me a 9 months to make $100,000 the previous year. I gave money a plan, and I took SWIFT aligned action. And it happen, almost effortlessly - because I had a plan, I was prepared and I expected it.

That leads us to part two: Money loves speed.

Money loves when you're taking SWIFT action. Swift aligned action includes - no procrastinating, no dilly-dallying, no questioning, no hesitation. It's taking action on the things you feel called to do - immediately. 

The only reason you think it takes such a long time to make the amount of money you desire is because you're not taking the aligned action to make it happen - now. 

All of us, every single one of you, are getting divine downloads from source on how to pursue what we love, on a daily basis!

Think about this: Have you ever had an idea, thought about it for a long time, talked about it for a long time but never really took action? Then all of a sudden, you see someone else "got rich" off of YOUR idea?

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about this in her book, "Big Magic". These ideas are constantly swirling around us, waiting for someone to take action - and those that take fast action are rewarded.

Note: I said fast action, not perfect action. 

By having a plan and taking aligned action - money sees you, money hears you and money is coming to you. With a plan and swift aligned action, you'll be able to start seeing money manifest into your life and actually staying!

In my new course Mastering Manifestation, we'll talk all about how to manifest more money into your life. What would more money do for you? How amazing would that feel?

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Can't wait to share this information with you!!!

Gratitude x Abundance,





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