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5 Unique Ways I Use Journaling to Get Results and Manifest My Dream Life!

Hello, Queens!

How many journals do you have?

I have probably 100+ (okay, this may be an exaggeration but it's A LOT) . It's kind of a joke with my friends because I buy them so often.

I LOVE journals and they are so cute. When I see a journal, I see possibilities and I'm inspired. Blank pages ready to turn into dreams.

At a young age, I think a lot of us start journaling by writing the classic, "Dear Diary...." - I know that's how I started! Just writing about whatever happened that day and sometimes my feelings.

Then I started prayer journaling (I went to a private Christian school, so this was all the rage in middle school and high school). Prayer journaling consisted of switching out the "Dear Diary" to "Dear God" and then telling God your fears, hopes and requests. I journaled this way for a long time until one day I read a book that said to journal out what your perfect week looked like - with as much detail as possible.

While I was writing out my dreams, I felt SO motivated, passionate and ALIVE. I was HOOKED. I started doing this more and more often...and then here's what happened: I started seeing results. What I was writing down, was happening (and it was happening pretty effortlessly!).

I started to see the connection of what I wrote down began to happen, began to manifest, in my life.

So, I started writing things down as part of my productivity. There's a reason we write to-do lists!! What we write down gets done! 

Studies show that people who write their goals down are 42% more likely to achieve them. Simply by writing it down! When you write the goals down and review them often - that percentage doubles!!!

Now, I think it's pretty obvious why journaling (ie: literally just writing things down!!) needs to be added to your to-do list. :)

Here's 5 way I use journaling to get results:

1. Future Visioning - When you start to get excited about your future and creating a clear picture of what it looks like - that strong emotion (excitement) is the energy/vibe/frequency that moves your dreams towards you and you towards your dreams.

How to do it: Write out statements about your dream future - AS-IF they are already occurring, or have already happened. Add in details that make you feel that electrifying excitement.

Example: I'm so happy and grateful now that I am receiving $5,000 of passive income each month. The passive income allows me to travel whenever I want, wherever I want. It feels so exciting to know that I make money as I sleep. 

2. List Goals & Dreams - Make a list of all the goals/dreams that you have. I mean anything and everything you have ever thought you would like to do. Massive huge goals and small goals - all of them. Write in statements of completion - as if they happened/are happening.

How to do it: On a line sheet of paper, make little checkboxes all down the left side and then write the goals next to them. My coach taught me this trick a long time ago and I love it! When you put the checkbox next to it, you're telling your subconscious mind it's going to get done so you can "check" the box.

Example: I make $5,000 each month in passive income.

3. Give Money a Plan - Money loves a plan. So, give money a plan!! Please do not confuse this with a budget - you know I'm not a big fan of those. :) This is a PLAN for your money, not a plan for how you must stay in the lines with your money. Show your future money where it will go! Feel the excitement for the money during this, as well!

How to do it: If you'd like to make $100,000 in the next six months, then show money what you'd do with it. Write at the top - $100,000 (or your goal) and then below break it up. How much will go towards your everyday living expenses? How much for investing? How much towards travel? How much towards giving? Get specific.

Example: $10,000 - mortgage, $50,000 - real estate investment purchase, $5,000 - trip to Paris, etc.

4. Processing Limiting Beliefs & Choosing New Ones - You already know, your thoughts and beliefs create your reality. When you run into situations you don't like, this is caused by old stories and limiting beliefs - keeping you from reaching your next level. The best news: You get to create NEW thoughts/beliefs/stories at any time! This type of journaling is a twist on the old form of just journaling out your thoughts/emotions/fears. This is taking action. 

How to do it: First, write out whatever is bothering you, stopping you, your fears, negative emotions, old patterns, etc. Then, write out at least three reasons why those things are not actually true. Now, choose a new belief that will better serve you in place of the old belief. Yes, it can be this simple.

Example: I don't believe I can make $5,000 in passive income each month.

That is not true because

1. People do it all the time (and more!).

2. I am just as intelligent and capable as those people.

3. I know I am supported in making this happen.

I am now choosing to believe that I easily and effortlessly make $5,000 or more in passive income each month.

5. Gratitude - Gratitude journaling works because it brings you into a higher vibration - ready and open to receive more blessings. It's like this: Have you ever given someone a super nice present and they barely thanked you for it and you're like -"See if I ever get them a nice gift again!" but on the flip side, have you given someone a small little gift and they acted like it was the best thing ever and they were so grateful - you may have thought, "Wow, I love giving them gifts!" Same thing with the Universe!!

How to do it: Big and small - write out what you're grateful for and why!

Example: I am so grateful for my ability to move my body because it makes me feel strong and healthy.

So, Queens, if you're not already journaling or journaling regularly - get yourself an adorable kickass journal that you LOVE and start manifesting some cool sh*t in your life!!

Put it on you to-do list. *wink*

If you'd love a guided manifestation journal, grab the Wake Up & Manifest journal HERE!

Gratitude x Abundance,




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