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Alignment Zone - How to Create Greater Success Through Aligned Action

Hello, you gorgeous Queen!

Last week on the blog, I talked about how money loves a plan and money loves speed. If you want to go back and read that post you can click here.

I mentioned how money loves when you take swift aligned action. So, what does that really mean? 

Aligned Action is so much more than just taking action.

Action is when you're just taking action to take action. "Just Do It" as NIKE says - but, what is "it"?? If you're not listening to your intuition, you may start taking a bunch of action that you think would be the next step and that you think might bring you success and money. In the long run - this could work! Action is action, and it is important whether aligned or not. However, without aligned action, chances are you will be working a lot harder and for a longer period of time. This type of action will probably feel really hard and lead you to giving up or wanting to give up several times because it will seem like it may not be working.

Aligned Action starts when you follow your intuition, your gut, your "hunch", or whatever appears in your path to be the obvious next step. The main difference in aligned vs non-aligned action is that there is no forcing. Next steps will being to appear as if the action is COMING to you. Of course, you have to execute and actually follow through on the action.

I often talk about getting into the Alignment Zone with my clients. I had to name it this because I kept saying comfort zone, which is not exactly what I meant. haha :)

It's so common nowadays to tell people that they HAVE to get out of their comfort zones. I agree that you have to get out of your comfort zone, and instead move into your Alignment Zone.

Here's the difference: Telling someone to get out of their comfort zones often creates a disharmony within which negatively affects their outcome and success rate. Encouraging someone to get into their Alignment Zone creates harmony within and significantly increases their success rate. I have witnessed this again and again with my clients, as well as in my personal life.

Getting out of your comfort zone can often mean going against your beliefs and even your values which creates negative feelings and negative outcomes.

An example for a lot of people would be door knocking. If you've ever "got out of your comfort zone" and door knocked for business but received little success - here's why: It wasn't in harmony with your feelings, beliefs and values. You may absolute dread when people ring your door bell and you don't know who it is, so you hide until they're gone. Now, you decide to get out of your comfort zone and door knock, however every door you go to, you're dreading it and envisioning the person hiding from you. With the knowledge that your thoughts and feelings create your reality - guess what your results are at the end of this? Not good!!

Sure, you can say, "I really got out of my comfort zone today!" but was it really productive?

The reason this may work for some people is because they have a different belief than you do - and that's totally OKAY! There are always ways for you to be successful that align with you. Learn more about how to align so you can choose, attract and create your ideal clients->> Click here for Becoming and Ideal Client Magnet. 

Instead, get into your Alignment Zone. Your Alignment Zone takes into account your beliefs, your values, your thoughts and your feelings. When taking action or doing something, take a moment to pause and feel how you're feeling. Ask yourself - "Does this align?"

Alignment will feel right, it will feel light, easy, flowy, obvious, exciting, magical, empowering, inspiring, and POSITIVE. This is where the MAGIC HAPPENS! This is how success shows up, quickly. When you are in alignment, feeling and thinking positively - your success is inevitable!

Something to note: Aligned action MAY take you out of your comfort zone - even in your Alignment Zone!

For instance, let's say you HATE public speaking. You have bad memories of 7th grade debate class where your face turn so bright red that everybody laughed. But now, you're desiring to grow your brand and you received a Divine Download (and inspired idea) to talk in front of a women's retreat. The idea scares you, but it also feels so exciting, so right and exactly what you feel called to do. This is how getting out of your comfort zone and getting into your Alignment Zone co-exist.

It's your job to decipher what feels right for you.

Some ways to make sure you're staying in your Alignment Zone:

- Take at least 10 minutes daily to check in and notice your breathing. Our breath often tells us our state of our stress, even if we do not notice it while we are busy. If you're holding onto your breath, without an easy and calm rhythm, this is a sign that something is out of alignment. Meditate or do a breath-work session to access clarity on what needs to change.

- Journal  out your action steps and notice any tension or discomfort when writing them out.

- Re-visit your current action steps and feel into anything that needs updating. If it feels light, keep. If it feels heavy, delete or delegate.

- Before falling asleep, tell your subconscious mind to show you the most aligned next step towards your success. Fall asleep knowing that you will be given the answer.

- Do something fun! When everything seems to get too serious, you need to have fun to access the positive feelings. When you're the mode of fun, brilliant ideas love to come to you!

The Alignment Zone allows your goals and your dreams to manifest QUICKER and WITH EASE!

Gratitude x Abundance, Queens!

- Bekkah



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