Becoming An Ideal Client Magnet

In this course, you will learn how to CHOOSE + ATTRACT + CREATE your ideal clients!

I want to learn this!

How would it feel to ONLY work with your ideal clients - and have them come to you?

Pretty amazing, right?!

I know you’re thinking, “Yeah, but is that realistic? Or even possible?”

YES!! It is! 

You’ll learn exactly how in this course: Becoming an Ideal Client Magnet.


If you have ever found yourself desperate for clients or hating the clients you do have—I have been there!

I have gone months without a paycheck.

Desperate for ANY client - I just needed to pay my bills!

Then I finally started getting leads and clients, but they were so rude that I started to really hate my job.

I felt like I was doing SO much and giving so much of myself for people that didn’t give a damn about me.

I felt overworked, burned out and USED by these clients.

Have you been there??

If you’re thinking, “I am there right now!!”

I made this course specifically for YOU!!

Clients are the FOUNDATION of your business!

Without clients, you obviously don’t have business.

Without IDEAL clients, you don’t have a business you LOVE and you’re most likely going to have to work 150x harder.

After hitting rock bottom with no clients and then terrible clients - I made a choice to work with ONLY my ideal clients from then on.

Since I made that choice, my business has exploded, it’s felt pretty effortless and I LOVE what I do!

My ideal clients started showing up because I was attracting them AND creating them.

In this course, you will learn how to

CHOOSE + ATTRACT + CREATE your ideal clients!


Module One: How to CHOOSE Your Ideal Clients

In this module, we talk all about why and how to choose your ideal clients. Getting specific!

Module Two: How to ATTRACT Your Ideal Clients

This module is all about mindset and manifesting your ideal clients! How to use the magic of manifesting to attract and receive your ideal clients. Whatever old stories you’re hanging on to about clients and your business - we are going to get rid of and replace with new stories that serve you!

Module Three: How to CREATE Your Ideal Clients

This is the module that changes the game!! I call it my secret weapon. 

In this module, you will learn how to CREATE an ideal client when working with someone who you think is not initially an ideal client. 

The tips in here will teach you how to turn your clients into raving fans that love and refer you!

PLUS get these bonuses!

Bonuses include:

  1. Ideal Client Magnet Meditation ($47 Value!)
  2. How to generate the most leads ($97 Value)

Ready to become an ideal client magnet?

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I want to become an ideal client magnet!