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18. From successful Realtor to successful online business for Realtors ft. Tara Krach, RealtHER Summit

In this episode, you'll hear from RealtHER Society's Tara Krach. Tara Krach became a real estate agent in Charleston, South Carolina in 2018. She started cold calling and realized right away that she hated it, so she started doing things her own way. Within 2 weeks, she got her first client and within a month she got her first closing and finished the year with consistent 3-5 closings per month and making over six figures in her first year of real estate.

Now she runs a successful online business for women in real estate called RealtHER Society. She's hosting her second RealtHER Summit this April! Tickets are FREE and you'll have the chance to get an all access pass for even more value!

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