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Real Estate Terms I Do NOT Agree With

real estate terms Sep 24, 2020

I am very much willing to throw away these two real estate terms! Here’s why I don’t agree with them and the mindset shifts I have made to make sure I still thrive in the real estate industry even though I do not swear by on these terms.

Term #1: “List to Last!”

If you’ve been in the business for .3 seconds, I’m almost certain you’ve heard this saying. The real estate industry pushes this hard. Books, seminars, team leaders, brokers, podcastseveryone seems to throw this phrase around. 

Let’s break it down and question it. 

  • What does “list to last” mean?

When this phrase is used, it implies that you must get listings/have listings in order to make it, or “last”, in the real estate industry.

  • Why is this so commonly used?

Back before the internet (was there a time???), buyers would search for houses in newspapers/magazines and by driving around and seeing signs. If they didn’t already...

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